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Bitwards develops digital services and creates technologies that allow companies, communities and individual people leverage the digital transformation. Our inspirations stem from the rethinking of old established and customary habits that impact the everyday lives
and businesses in todays global, busy and information swelled environment. We create solutions that help people perform their daily routines with less effort and help them focus on things that offer more pleasure and benefit.
We connect physical things – resources - with a digital world to enable new business opportunities with a superior consumer experience.


Sharing has never been easier! We facilitate the sharing of physical resources and services to help individuals and businesses monetise on their underused assets.
The Bitwards service allows you to share your resource instantly to anyone without the need of being present while allowing you to feel secure and in total control of your shared assets.


Carrying out services has never been easier! Select work orders from a list and deliver the service in a location at the time that fits you best. The Bitwards service manages work orders from different service providers and distributes them to authorized service persons so they can pick up the suitable tasks and automatically get access for delivering the selected services.

Digitalization and IoT services

If you are wondering how you can leverage the digital revolution to transform your business or how you can automate and digitalize your services, turn to us.

We deal with disruptive technologies and business models daily while developing our solutions and implementing them with our customers.

Our market is people, services and resources (spaces, cars, bikes, rooms, cabinets …) that we digitalize with the revolutionary Bitwards and turn them into assets

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