We change the world by connecting businesses, services and individuals in an ecosystem of shared economy


Whether sharing cars, renting homes, offering services or just borrowing goods in exchange for access or money, Bitwards encourages individuals and businesses to leverage the vast amount of unused capital and goods existing filling our world  today.

Digitalisation and IoT services

If you are wondering how you can leverage the digital revolution to transform your business or how you can automate and digitalize your services, turn to us. We deal with disruptive technologies and business models daily while developing our solutions and implementing them with our customers.

We connect physical things – resources - with a digital world to enable new business opportunities with a superior consumer experience

About us

Bitwards develops digital services and creates technologies that allow companies, communities and individual people leverage the digital transformation. We like to challenge the status-quo and continuously pursue new disruptive methods to improve established and customary habits that impact our everyday lives and businesses in today’s global and information swelled environment.

We believe our Access Sharing Service offers a great solution for businesses to take their products and  services into the digital era but from experience, we also understand that this leap requires passion, guts, commitment and skills. This is why we also offer our skilled staff help our customers in the design and implementation of their digital service and product concepts.

The founders

Eljas Saastamoinen
CEO, Co-Founder

The future is created today - listen to your kids and you'll be one step closer to the future!
The foundation stones of Bitwards actually lay behind the frustrated words of my 8 year old son: "Dad, is there any way of opening the door with an app"- expressing his frustration while searching for his keys to the garage to fetch a bike.

Niklas Kaustinen
CTO, Co-Founder

Technology provides the tools to solve problems but vision and knowledge helps to avoid them.
Having been involved in the development of Bitwards from the very beginning, my main contribution to our talented and passionate team is to focus on solving the right problems first.

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