Access Sharing

What’s it all about?

The Bitwards Access Sharing service offers a cost effective and highly scalable solution for sharing of physical things – resources – by allowing end users to access the resources with their mobile phones.

The service is a perfect solution for the rapidly growing sharing and access economy markets  but it also offers an easy solution for digitalising conventional products and services.

A sharing solution for multiple applications

Sharing access for resources

  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Smart home and IoT devices
  • Home appliances
  • Vending / ticketing machines

Shared spaces management

  • Meeting rooms
  • Homes and rooms
  • Storages
  • Property rental and hospitality (hotels etc.)

Smart mobility

  • Car sharing
  • Bike sharing
  • Services

Logistics and delivery

  • Home and facility services
  • Home care and nursing
  • Field services

No physical keys

Forget about keys or the hassle with passwords or pin codes. Just pick up your phone and tap the desired resource to start using it.
Forgot your phone? Don’t worry, just grant a temporary access to your trusted friend and use his phone to access even when the phone is completely out of network coverage.
Now, with Bitwards you can share your goods instantly to anyone without you being present but still feeling secure and in control of your assets.
Sharing has never been easier!


If you are delivering groceries, packages or just providing services, Bitwards provides you with the access to the desired location to your mobile phone and sends a notification to your customer once the goods or services have been delivered.
The Bitwards service collects access requests from different service providers and distributes them to the authorized service persons to allow them to carry out the desired task.


The Bitwards system can be applied to all kinds of electronic devices that have a capability to communicate with a smartphone.
If you are looking to grow the sales of your product or just to introduce new features and user experiences, Bitwards provides you with a tiny software code that can easily be integrated in various devices that are Low Energy Bluetooth or NFC enabled. The code requires minimal space and the highly secure protocol minimal power so that even small and simple battery powered devices can be Bitwarded.


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