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What is Bitwards Mobile ID?

Bitwards Mobile ID is a mobile credential supporting iOS and Android to be integrated into an Access Control System.

It converts users’ phones into access credentials. It can work as a primary credential or in parallel with other credentials.

Your benefits:

  • Get rid of card-hassle and save costs! 
  • Use the best hardware that suits your needs!
  • Increase your security

How does Bitwards Mobile ID work?

Mobile IDs are used as an alternative for physical smart cards in Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).

Mobile IDs are generated in the cloud service and transferred to users’ mobile phones. Users can authenticate themselves at access control readers by using the phone’s NFC or Bluetooth connection.

The IDs are authenticated by an access control reader, which delivers them further to an access control terminal at the door.

The terminal makes the decision on granting the access for the user and upon any further actions.
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How to get the mobile application?

The Bitwards Mobile App as well as its customer-branded versions can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Two versions: Door-Based & Universal Mobile ID

Door-Based Mobile ID

Offers you the ability to limit the users access to only certain doors and display the doors they have access to in the user’s app.

For example: allowing delivery and logistics persons to access only restricted access points which are visible in the user’s app and clearly instructing the user which access points they can access.

Doorbase Mobile ID works best for limited number of doors and users. Specific ID for certain doors that allows the user to select the door they want to open in the app.

The admin can manage the door groups easily in the Bitwards cloud dashboard.

Universal Mobile ID

Offers easy and flexible management for the system administrators without any extra steps and configurations. The universal mobile ID works like a physical RFID card by allowing the user to touch the reader with the phone for authentication.

Universal Mobile ID suits perfectly for large installations.

It works like a traditional access card but in mobile: the user doesn’t know to which door their credential is for, they just approach the door, show the credential and the door opens if they have the access right.

With Universal Mobile ID it is easy to manage a large number of users. No doorgroups need to be added in Bitwards to create the mobile ID for the user. The door data is transferred directly from customers' Access Control.

Bitwards Mobile ID Benefits

Access control system independent: manage credentials of different access control systems in one single web dashboard! This saves time and money!

Automated credential management makes your life easier.

  • Save costs and workload required to manage plastic ID cards and their administration by making the delivery of credentials easily directly to the mobile phones of the users.

  • For the user the credential is available in real time and  they don’t need to fetch it from anywhere.

  • All users can enjoy the single app with credentials to many different access control systems. Save physical credential costs, administration work plus increase end-user satisfaction.

Bitwards is hardware independent. It means that customer can select the suitable reader according to their need without vendor-lock-in.

  • Minimize risks related to lost and stolen physical credentials and enjoy the power of real time credential.
  • If the phone gets lost or stolen, the mobile operating system offers extra security with biometric or pin phone lock.
  • Security matches the most recent RFID technologies such as DESFire EV2. Increased security by knowing exactly who is using the credential.

Are you interested in finding out how you can save costs and security with Mobile ID?

Book a free online-meeting with us and we'll discover how it would work for you!

Mobile ID vs. Mobile Access

Bitwards provides two products: Mobile ID and Mobile Access. In the table below, you can compare the two products to find out which suits your needs best.


User Case



Commercial Real Estate

Old access control system upgrade to a cloud based mobile access control system (parallel installation).

Upgrade existing access control system with mobile credentials.

Extend access control to mechanical doors.

Automate access control with a booking system for space management.

Manage cabinet and storage spaces in offices.

Control visitor and public access in buildings and spaces.

Residential Real Estate

Complete access control for residential buildings – apartments and shared doors – including tenant portals (for personal access control).

Parking area and storage space access.


Last mile delivery and postal services.

Smart mail box services.

Critical infrastructure and freight services.

Q & A

Mobile ID

Bitwards Mobile ID is system agnostic: any access system is compatible.

There are 3 options:
  1. Individually and manually.
  2. With CSV import.
  3. With API integration.

Yes, Bitwards Library is available for any manufacturer.

  • Door-based Mobile ID shows individual doors to the user in the app.
  • Universal Mobile ID is a general ID used for any reader.

  1. The Mobile ID is first issued in the access control system.
  2. Then transferred to the Bitwards service as in Q2.

Mobile Access is a completely cloud-based access control solution supporting off-line smartlocks and door controllers.

Yes, Both services complement each other and users can enjoy both solutions in the same app with single sign-in.

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