The different flavours of Mobile Access

In access control and security business,  mobile access is nowadays a mainstream feature. Customers are asking from vendors at least for a mobile access compatibility. However it is seldom understood that under the same term there are several approaches that may differ a lot in their usage. It maybe confusing for the customers that these different technologies are labelled under one term, mobile access. It might be difficult to understand what the different services are providing.


Access Control then, now & in the future

What is the future of access control? Our guest writer Jukka Laakso, CEO of Louhos Solutions, and ex-CEO of Flexim Security, shares his thoughts on how security and access control have developed over the years and what direction he thinks they will take.



In 2021, the most prominent Finnish development and construction company YIT opened Workery+ Vallila as part of YIT’s Smart Building concept. Workery+ Vallila immediately won awards, such as the Smartest Building 2021 Award, because it is “an example of smart infrastructure perfectly integrating the full potential of a real estate building with today’s world needs.

Smarten Spaces & Bitwards announce partnership

Smarten Spaces, the fastest growing global hybrid workplace technology provider, and Bitwards, an access technology company, are proud to announce a strategic partnership to improve the hybrid workplace experience for employees and organizations.

Oven avaus mobiiliavaimella on nykypäivää. Bitwardsin mobiiliapplikaatiolla kuljet turvallisesti ja ilman fyysisiä avaimia ovesta toiseen.

Doors wide open with the Bitwards app

Finnish Bitwards has developed an app that transforms our smartphones into keys. It is possible to program smartphones to open doors, lockers, gates and even start industrial machines’ ignition switches.

Älylukko helpottaa kulunhallintaa kodeissa ja yrityskiinteistöissä. Älykäs lukitusjärjestelmä soveltuu kaikkiin lukituskohteisiin esim. autotalliin, porttiin, hissiin, kaapistoon ja veneeseen.

Smart locks bring your property into a new era

Smart locks facilitate access both into homes and commercial properties. Smart lock solutions can fit doors and anything else that requires a safe locking system, such as garages, gates, boats, cottages, and even bike locks.